OSRS The Giant Dwarf – RuneScape Guide

In The Giant Dwarf quest, the players have to help Commander Veldaban and sculpt Blasidar in making the King’s statue. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • 1,500 firemaking XP.
  • 2,500 crafting XP.
  • 1,500 thieving XP.
  • 2 Quest point.
  • 2,500 smithing XP.
  • 1,500 magic XP.
  • 2,500 mining XP.


Enter into the room of Commander Veldaban and tell him that you mistakenly destroyed the statue of their king. He will ask you to help them in making a new statue. 

Cross over the bridge and enter into the building next to the kebab shop. You will find the sculpture Blasidar there, tell him Commander Veldaban has sent you here for your help in making up the statue. He will reply to you to get clothes, an ax and boots similar to that of the original king’s.

Go to the market building asd ask Vermundi her that you want the clothes similar to the king’s clothes to make a statue. Then she will ask you to get the clothes design from the librarian and she will make the clothes for you. 

Go back, cross the bridge and enter into the library. The librarian will ask you to find the book “Scholars Guide to Dwarves Costumes” from the shelves. Search the shelves to find out the book. 

Go back to Vermundi and give her the book. Start the spinning machine by using coal, logs and then tinderbox. Give 200 coins to Vermundi and she will make clothes for you. 

Move up through the stairs and then go down from the other side of the building. Enter into the armour store and ask Saro that you want boots same as the King’s boots. He will ask you to go to Dromund to get these kinds of boots. 

Enter into the house of Dromund and tell him that Saro suggested buying King’s boots from you. He will refuse to sell you the boots. Now you have to telegrab both of the boots. 

Go to the weapons shop just next to Dromund’s house and ask Santiri that you want to buy King’s axe for the statue. He will give you a rust and old axe, use a sapphire on it. 

Take a ship and go to Port Sarim. Then enter into the small house of Thurgo and ask him to repair the axe. He will demand the redberry pie to do so. Bring this and one metal bar to him, he will fix the axe. 

Return back to the sculpture and give all three items to the model. The sculpture will make the statue except the head. 

Enter the building with a market and move up through stairs. Enter into the room of Blue Opal Secretary and ask him if he needs any kind of help. He will ask you to bring 5 coals. Give the coals to him and he will ask you to collect some ores, then he will let you join their company. 

After providing the material that he wants, head towards the Blue Opal Director and ask him if he needs any help from you. He will ask for a bronze bar. Take the bars from the bank and return back to the Director. Then he will ask you to join their company.  

Then return back to the commander, he will give you meeting notes and will take you to the meeting. This will end your quest. 

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