How To Defeat Elder Isshin Ashina

Elder Isshin Ashina is a mandatory boss located in the Ashina castle area of the Sekiro game. You will earn XP, a combat art and Isshin Ashina memory after bringing him down.

Below are the steps to counter the Elder Isshin Ashina.

How to defeat Elder Isshin Ashina:

In the first stage, use the floating passage for the attack. If you do not have the floating passage combo, buy it from the fish merchant.

Use the floating passage and then slash him. Move backward to avoid his attacks. Keep using the same tactic for attack.

Bring him in the middle and then strike his neck for the final kill.

Switch the fighting skill from the floating passage to shadow rush. Attack Elder Isshin Ashina by pressing R1R2.

Keep attacking by pressing R1R2 and bring him down for the next time with a deadly blow.

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