How to Beat ‘Hiachi’s Request’ and Get Corrupted Hiachi Lantern in Roblox the Mimic

This brief guide will find out how to get corrupted Hitachi lanterns. You will also learn how to beat Hitachi’s request in The Mimic. 

First, you have to get into the nightmare mode of chapter 1. Then you have to go to the toilet to find a Manto. 

It is heavily recommended to play with five people, and everyone in your team must get the key.  

After you get the key, one person will distract Hitachi, whereas two people will open the door and activate Manto’s cutscene. 

If the monster is chasing, you will need to hide in the bush. 

You have to pick green. 

Once you are in, you need to talk to Shinichi (Hitachi)

Now you have to go to the throne room to activate wave one. 

Here is a map to refer to for wave one.  

It is recommended every room has one person and the centre too. You have to tell the person triggering wave one when you are ready. 

When wave one is triggered, there is a bug where the people who did not trigger will not see how many orbs you have collected. But don’t be worried, collect the orbs like normal.

You have to ask the person who triggered how many orbs your group has collected once.

Once you get the last orb, the person in the throne room will have to go to the throne to trigger wave two. 

Now there will be a new monster, Shiniachi (Hitachi).

Here is the wave two map.

Now all you need to do is get the necklace from Shinichi and go back to spawn to talk to (NPC) Shinichi  (you do not need to collect the orbs). 

If you die here, don’t worry; spectate, and you will still get the badge if your teammate finishes it. 

Now that he has gotten the necklace, he will head back to spawn to finish the quest! 

Here is what it looks like 

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