How To Get The Scoob – All Flower Locations – Lumber Tycoon 2

In order to get Scoob Head, you must collect honey from all flowers.

Here is the beehive, collect honey from 6 different flowers then come here.

Firstly, you will need bees. You can get them by cutting cherry trees.

Move closer to the flower and let the bee collect honey.

After the bee gets honey, you see these clouds are the same colour as the flower.

Let’s go to the hive. You will get the code. Actually, you have to finish all the flowers.

Get a new bee and make your way to the second flower.

Now, you will need to go to the icewood, but first get a bee.

If there are rocks here, you have to explode them using tnt.

Here is the third flower.

And here is the fourth flower.

Next bee is in the maze.

Last flower.

Now, you have to write this code for the beesmas game. Just write your code here.

You can get scoob now, back to the lumber.

Load your slot and then go to the hive.


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