Three Ways to Get Water in Stranded Deep

In this guide, you will know how to get the water on any other island in Stranded Deep. There are three ways to get water on an island on the map. 

Table of Contents

    Method 1

    First, you have to fill yourself up with water before leaving for another island and make sure not to be thirsty while leaving the island and going to the other one. 

    Method 2

    As you know, every island on the map has Palm trees, and you can find coconuts very easily. To climb these trees, you have to press and hold the Space button, and when you reach the top, grab the coconut and drop it on the ground. You will need to find something to break that coconut; then you have to hit it two times, and then you will see that the coconut has changed the color to brown. 

    Grab it and drink the water from the coconut, which will help you maintain the water in your body, and you don’t get thirsty, but you have to make sure not to drink too many coconuts because it will cause you diarrhea. To eat the coconut, you have to hit it again a few times, and when it gets broken and cut into two pieces, then eat it, as shown in the image below.  

    Method 3

    This step involves looting to get the water, so now you have to find the abandoned ships or boats in the ocean on the island. Then you have to go and search every part of the ship. There, you can find the water, and you can also find the crates on that ship or boat. When you open these crates, you can find the food or the water, as shown in the image below.  

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