How to Locate Closest Helicopter in GTA 5 Online

In this guide, you will learn how to find the closest Helicopter in GTA 5 Online using the easiest and quickest way. By following the steps mentioned below, you will be able to locate the helicopter.

  1. Press the up button on your controller’s d-pad to access your contacts list.
  2. Navigate upwards in the contacts list until you find a character named Lester and select his name.
  3. Now call him and he’ll offer you various options like setting a bounty or removing wanted levels, but you’ll also have the choice to request a helicopter.
  4. Choose the option related to helicopters that Lester provides. This action will mark the helicopter’s location on your in-game map.
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  1. Press the options button to bring up the map and find your current location. Look for the marker indicating the helicopter’s location on the map.
  2. Drive or make your way to the marked spot on the map where the helicopter is located.
  3. As you keep playing, you might notice that some helicopters tend to spawn in the same spots. So, even without calling Lester, you can check the map and find these recurring helicopter spawn points.
  4. Once you reach the helicopter’s location, approach it with your in-game vehicle and then board the helicopter.
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