How to Make a Hybrid Culture – Crusader Quickies

This guide will let you know how to make a Hybrid Culture in Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court. Go through the guide, and follow the step-by-step instructions to make it. 

To create the hybrid culture, you will need to click on the culture’s name. To do so, you have to go to your county, click on the french culture, and you will see a french culture notification pop up. You have to click on hybrid culture, and you will jump onto the new menu when you click on it, as shown in the image below. 

From this menu, you can customize aspects of the cultures and merge the cultures. You need to make sure to have the heritage of one and the language of another, which will make the difference in cultures, and then you can hybrid them because you can’t hybrid two same cultures, as shown in the image below.

You can also customize the name of the culture and take upto six traditions. On the right side, the descriptions will tell you what will happen when you hybridize the culture, including any new items and the current situation between the French and Franconians and who will convert to your new hybrid culture. On the bottom side of the menu, you will find its cost.

After that, you need to tap on the aesthetics tab, and from there, you can choose the names of outfits architectures. You can also choose which fashion you want in your culture, and on the last option, you need to select the coasts of arms, as shown in the image below.  

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