How To Make A Potion Of Poison(0:45)

Potion of poison(0:45) causes the damage over time, but will not reduce health below one.

In this Brief Guide we will tell you how to make Potion of Poison (0:45) in the Minecraft game. To get that you first need to make an Awkward potion. Then you have to get Spider Eye to use it with the Brewing Stand to make the required potion.  

Spider Eye

In order to make a potion of poison(0:45), you will have to find and kill a spider to get a spider eye. You can find spiders in caves.

Potion of Poison(0:45) Using Brewing Stand

Now you can make a potion of poison(0:45) using a brewing stand. Go towards the brewing stand and put the spider eye and awkward potion bottle on fire to get a potion of poison(0:45). Take this potion into your inventory.

You can see the potion of poison(0:45) in the image below. 

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