How To Make A Stove

Stoves help the players to cook or heat different food items. In this guide, you will learn the method to make a stove. 

In order to make one, you have to place a campfire on the ground first. Then place one oak plank at the top and one each on either side of it. 

After this, place a minecart with hopper at the top of the middle oak plank and then remove this plank to drop the minecart with hopper on the campfire. 

The next thing you need to do is to add an iron trap door at the top of the left plank and place one more just next to it. Add a piston at the top of this oak plank. 

Push the iron trap door on to the hopper using a piston with redstone block and then remove both the planks on the side. 

Then place a dark oak trap door in the front. Place a hopper at the top and andesite wall pieces at the top of the hopper as shown in the image below. This hopper will act as a hud. 

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