How To Make An Automatic Wheat Farm (150+ Per Hour)

Wheat farms give you very important edible items that are wheat. You can easily set a full wheat farm by using a bit of redstone. This will be an automatic wheat farm, you just have to sit back and get wheat automatically. 

In this guide we will let you know how to make a wheat farm. The farm is fully AFK and requires very little red stones. You will need some specific items with certain quantity:

115 rail

73 building blocks

54 powered rail

32 temporary blocks

16 red stone torches

8 carpets

4 stairs

2 comparator

3 hopper

2 chest box

2 buckets of water

One glowstone

One composter

One hopper minecart

First of all, let’s start with a collection system. Choose a smooth place of your choice and dig a 13*13 holes using a shovel and also make it 2 blocks deep.

See the image below to check how the hole will look like after digging it two blocks down.

Now go to the middle of this hole and dig out 2 blocks deep.

After that add a line of redstone torches at the base of the tube that you have dug.

Now cover up the torches with dirt blocks.

Then add powered rails above the redstone torches placed before. Add 4 rails per row and make sure they all get turned on.

Now go in any corner of the hole and place down the redstone torch and powered rail. Dig 2 blocks and place a turned on redstone torch then cover it up by a dirt block like before.

Now also place a powered rail in the opposite corner. Then start connecting the railway with regular rails as shown below.

Clear out some blocks now for the redstone and chests, something like shown below.

Add the hoppers and the chest now and add powered rail over one hopper, which is at the corner of the hole, as shown below.

Now add a comparator running out of the hopper and a block with a redstone torch.

Then also cover up this redstone torch with a dirt block and add a comparator running out of the dirt block.

Then put one dirt block over the base comparator and you need to cover everything up with dirt blocks.

Add a solid block next to the rail over the hopper. Add a glass block beside it so that you can check the rails if needed.

Then add some more blocks over it to make it look nicer like a little control room.

Finally add the hopper minecart over the powered rail.

It will move effortlessly to all over the track of the farm.

And now you can start covering everything up with dirt blocks. It will look like a clean surface as you have not dug yet.

Now start making walls for the farm with glass blocks. Build it exactly above the rails as shown in the image below.

The shape will look like this image as shown below, where five blocks walls in all four sides and four blocks edge to edge linked glass blocks at the corners of the farm.

Also make sure all sides are two blocks high and then add a composter and a glowstone right in the middle of the farm.

Now dig a three block length and one block deep hole near the farm to make infinite water.

Then start putting down the water into the farm by making four holes in the farm at four corners of the farm.

After that add stairs to these holes and place water in these stairs.

You can see a top view and placement of water in the image below.

Now add two carpets on top of each water like shown below.

Then you have to find a villager for the farm.

Good tip is to fill the villager’s inventory before you let him in the farm. That way he will start dropping the wheat right away and you don’t have to wait until he fills his inventory. So let’s do that, drop him 8 stacks of seeds. 

 Now you can let the villagers in the farm.

Next step is to convert the grass into farmland. And then add seeds.

Everything is done now and the farm is ready to grow wheat, you will have to wait a little to get to see some wheat growth.

The wheat has grown now and you can see that the farm is working fine.

Wait for an hour to see more changes to the farm. You will get to see over 100 wheat, 12 bone meals and eight seeds. You can make many such farms next to each other to produce more wheat.

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