How To Make All Mob Farm – 10,000+ Items Per Hour

All Mob Farm is a very huge kind of farm that can produce more than 10,000 items in one hour. In this guide, we will tell you the method to set All Mob Farm in the Minecraft game. Just follow the step-by-step instructions to make one. Set the farm and wait for one hour to get a massive amount of items in the chest boxes. 

To start building a farm, you will have to find a nice flat place to build it on. You can find a  spacious place easily.

So before starting you need to bring out certain things from shulker boxes and have to put them into your inventory to use them in making this huge farm. 

The things list is as follows:

1536 building blocks

1255 slabs

109 glasses 

92 scaffolding

64 temporary blocks

31 hopper

26 redstone repeaters

25 soul campfire

18 chest

11 dispenser

10 observer

8 buckets 

3 red stones

2 buckets of water

1 lever

1 redstone comparator

Start by building the collection system for items. So place down three double chests next to each other.

Then add hoppers running to each chest same as shown below

Now you have to repeat the same thing two more times to increase the size of the collection system to make it able to store plenty of items. 

Add the last three hoppers behind the top chests as we have added before.

Now make a 5*5 hopper collection platform

You can see the final structure of hoppers in image below

Now build a border around the hoppers. Go up a block and place a dirt block then put a concrete block over it. After that keep adding blocks side by side to make a border.

Then you can remove the temporary dirt block from under the border.

When you have done with the border then build out seven blocks in each direction from the center of each side of the border.

Now connect the posts to make it flat surface

Each side of the border should be equal. Now fill in the gaps from building blocks.

Now use a temporary block to make a border of glasses around this platform. The border has to be made of glasses so that mobs can’t spawn on it.

Now place down three blocks in each corner of this platform

Now go in the middle and build four temporary blocks up. Then place down a dispenser facing up.

Now build out seven blocks again from each direction of this dispenser.

Now that the posts are extended, connect them diagonally. Connect all posts diagonally with building blocks.

Now fill in this platform with building blocks as well.

Then leave a one block gap over the dispenser and place down an observer facing up. Place three temporary blocks one over another, then remove the middle one to add an observer and then finally remove both, from bottom and top.

On top of the observer place another dispenser to build the next layer. Just repeat the same thing we did on the bottom layer.

Build ten layers like these on top of each other.

Have a Look at the top layer.

Now go on top of the dispenser and start building the roof. Build out 14 blocks to each direction of the dispenser, and make sure to use bottom slabs so that mobs won’t spawn.

When these lines are done, connect them up, and fill in the huge gap. 

Now start making the clock, place seven slabs on two sides of the dispenser. Then make it two blocks wide and add one extra slab. On this extra slab place a lever.

Next to it add a comparator and make sure to turn it on

Add a redstone coming out of the comparator

Next to it add a line of repeaters coming out of the red stone. Make sure they all are on the last tick. Also cover up the dispenser with redstone repeater.

Place two red stones at the end of this line.

And run the repeater line back to the comparator.

Now go back down and place down the campfires. You can also use the regular campfires but the rate of the farm will be worse.

Now let’s start adding the water. First make an infinite water. Dig a three block lengthy hole and put water in it, then fill your buckets.

Go back to the platform and start placing water in all the corners.

When corners are done, fill the sides by taking water again from the water hole. Keep doing this task until you see this area fully filled with water.

The bottom will look like a pool of water.

Now add a water bucket in the dispenser. Do that on all the floors.

Now let us build the AFK spot. You have to go 92 blocks up from the top to make an AFK spot.

Check your Y level; it has to be 92 blocks higher when on top.

In this case, it will be 200 when on top.

When you re watch at that particular height add a stained glass at top.

You can also see the y is 92 values higher at the top.

Now build a smart platform to AFK ON

Also add a small roof so the phantoms will not attack you when AFKing.

The last step is to turn on the farm and you are ready.

Remain AFK for thirty minutes and look at the results after that.

That makes over 11000 drops per hour.

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