How To Make Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser helps the players to have some water. You can press the stone button on the dispenser if you want water. This guide will let you know how to make a water dispenser in the Minecraft game. 

The first thing you need to do is to place a block of smooth quartz and an armor stand at the top of this block. Hang an iron chest plate on the armor stand and place quartz stairs at the top. Add blue ice at the top of quartz stairs and then two piston to push the blocks down. 

Use redstone blocks to push these blocks down two times. It will make a shape of a water dispenser

Add a stone button at the lower part of the machine. And then break the white concrete from the right side of the water dispenser and place a dispenser behind it. Add water in this dispenser. 

Press the stone button to bring the water out of the water dispenser. 

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