How To Make Water Dispenser: Minecraft Build Recipe

Water Dispenser helps the players to have some water. This guide will explain to you the method to make a water dispenser in the Minecraft game. 

In order to make a water dispenser, bring the crafting table out of your inventory and open up 3*3 crafting grid. Use red dye with a leather cap and then blue dye with a leather cap to craft red and blue leather caps respectfully. 

The next thing you need to do is to dig the ground and add a smooth quartz slab on it. Break the wall and go to the other side, place two armor stands diagonally and hand a blue leather cap on one and red leather cap on the other. Then push them closer with the help of pistons using a redstone block. 

Now you have to push them to the other side of the wall with the help piston. Place the piston and push them two times. Use white concrete when pushing for the second time in order to fill the gap. 

Drop the armor stands onto the slab and place a block of quartz, quartz stairs and glass block at the top of these stands. And then you need to use two pistons to push them down. Place the pistons at the top and push the blocks down by using redstone blocks. 

This will make a water dispenser. Now It is the time for a bit of decoration. Place two iron trap doors on both sides of the water dispenser. 

The next thing you will have to do is to place levers at the back of these trap doors. Go to the back side, place four levers on the wall and pull them down. 

Go back again and place a water bucket right behind the glass block. Then fill that gap with white concrete block. Use an item frame, birch trap door and then white banner on the lower part of the water dispenser. Now you have successfully made a water dispenser in the Minecraft Survival game. 

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