How To Make An Ice Cream Stand

Ice cream stand is a beautiful kind of stand that helps the players to get the ice cream. This guide will let you know how to make an ice cream stand. 

The very first thing that you’d need to do is to dig 4 block gaps on the ground and then add 4 day light detectors in the block gaps. 

After this, place armor stands on each of the day light detectors. And then place a leather, diamond, golden and iron helmet respectively at the top of armor stands. 

Place three smooth quartz blocks on the left side of the stands and then remove the lower two blocks. Place four smooth quartz blocks right next to the upper remaining block. After that, remove the first quartz block on the left side.  

The next thing you need to do is to place 4 glass blocks at the top of these quartz blocks. 

Use two pistons at the top of each glass block. There should be two pistons on every glass block and then you will be able to bring them down. 

And then use red stone blocks to push the blocks down. Remove all the pistons after pushing every glass block down. 

Now it will look like an Ice Cream Stand. Time for a bit of decoration, use 2 smooth quartz stairs on either sides of the stand. And place a flower pot on the stairs. 

Use end rods at the back side of stairs and then place string around the Ice cream stand using the end rods. And also the middle part between two rods.  

Now you will be able to place the carpets at the top of Ice Cream Stand to make it look better. Place light blue and white carpets at the top of the strings. 

And you can also place the banners on either side of the stand. Bring the loom out, use a light blue banner with black dye and select your required design. And then use this light blue banner with orange dye. Use it again with a white dye. And use the same light blue banner with a blue dye in the loom. For the final time, use it with white dye again and you will get the required color and design. 

Place the banner in front of the Ice Cream stand. 

Now you need to place an item frame on every block and then use iron trap doors that will work as a handle. Finally, use a banner on every item frame to make a full decorated Ice Cream Stand. 

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