How To Make An Iron Trapdoor

An Iron trapdoor is a solid and transparent craft able block and it can be used as an openable barrier. You need a switch, lever, pressure plate etc. to open the iron trapdoor. 

To make an Iron Trap Door, you just need two things, Iron Ore and Iron Ingot using Furnace. Please follow the following steps to make an Iron Trapdoor.  

Iron Ore   

In order to make Iron Trapdoor, the basic item that you need to get is iron ore. Search for the iron ores and collect at least four blocks.   

Iron Ingot using Furnace   

Now you need to use the furnace to get iron ingot as you have required iron ore blocks in stock. Go towards the furnace to add coal and iron ore blocks in it. Add four iron ores in the upper box and coal in the lower box to get four iron ingots in the right-side box of the furnace. Add these iron ingots into your “ready to use” stock.   

Iron Trapdoor  

Now you can craft the required item using the crafting table. Move to the crafting table beside the furnace to add four iron ingots in any four adjacent cells of the grid. You will get an iron trapdoor in the right-side box to the crafting table. Bring this door in your “ready to use” stock. Iron trapdoors can be opened and closed by using triggering items like switch, lever, pressure plate, etc. 

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