How To Make Potion Of Strength(3:00)

Potion of strength(3:00) helps the players to increase the melee damage.

In this Brief Guide we will tell you how to make Potion of Strength (3:00) in Minecraft Survival. To get that you first need to make an Awkward potion. Then you have to go into the Nether to get Blaze Rod and have to make Blaze Powder using Crafting Table and then have to use the Brewing Stand to make the required potion.  

Enter in Nether

First of all enter into the Nether and use a potion of fire resistance so that you can avoid the damages.

Blaze Rod

Now you will have to get the blaze rod. Look for a blaze in Nether and then kill it to obtain a blaze rod. Blaze can be found in the nether fortress.

Blaze Powder 

And then you have to make blaze powder. Exit from the nether and make your way to the crafting table. Add blaze rod in the center or any cell of the 3*3 grid to get blaze powder in the right-side box of the crafting grid. One rod can make two blaze powders. Add Blaze Powder in your “ready to use” stock. 

Potion of strength (3:00) using brewing stand 

Make your way towards the brewing stand to use it. Put blaze powder in the upper box and an awkward potion bottle in the lower box of brewing stand and wait for a few moments until you get a potion of strength (3:00) in place of the awkward potion.

 Add this potion into your inventory to use it later. 

You can see the potion of strength(3:00) in the image below. 

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