How to Max Your Shooting Stat in GTA 5

This guide will let you know how to max your Shooting Stat in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online

You need to have a friend with you and go to the binco clothing store with him. You need to block the store’s door with an HTV vehicle so that the police will not go inside when you get there. Afterward, go inside the store and ask your friend to click on the change clothes option, as shown in the image below.

You need to equip your minigun, aim for your friend’s head and shoot for almost five minutes. You will see that your shooting stats will start increasing. You need to make sure not to use any other gun but only a minigun and keep reloading the gun. If you are out of ammo, you need to go to your inventory and then go to the ammo option and then go to the ammo type, and there you have to choose the ammo you need, as shown in the image below.

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