How to Obtain CURSED DUAL KATANA & Scrolls Puzzle in Blox Fruits

This is a full guide to the dual curse katana puzzle. To obtain the dual curse katana, you must have 400 mastery levels on your Yammar and Tashita.

Next Step

Talk to this NPC, he will unlock the puzzle gate and then head into the gate. You can pick any scroll you like. Each scroll has three trials; you have to complete both scroll trials to get the dual curse katana. It’s not that hard to complete them, just time-consuming.

The Process Of Getting Dual Curse Kartana (Pain And Suffering)

Hold Tashita and get killed by the ghost in Yama’s room on Hydra Island. If it does not work, let a player hit you until your HP is low.

Haze Of Misery

Kill NPC that have purple round markings on them.

Fear The Reaper

Get Halloween essence and summon a soul reaper on Haunted Castle Island. And then allow the soul reaper boss to kill you, and you will be teleported to a place like a hell. Lit up 3 torches and defeat all NPCs.

The First Trial (Souless)

Kill big mom (Cake Queen), and get teleported to some place like heaven. You need to lit up three of the torches and kill all the mobs.

Sense Of Duty

Do a pirate raid for one time at sea castle.

Dock Legend

Talk to boat dealers at 3 different Islands and to their new special dialogues.