How to Pack A Punch Level 2 in COD Modern Warfare 3 Zombies MWZ

In this guide, you will learn how to Pack A Punch Level 2 in COD Modern Warfare 3 Zombies MWZ. There are different methods such as normal, level 1, and level 2, that can be employed to accomplish the task.

Normal Method

  • In the game world, you’ll come across Pack-a-Punch stations marked on the map by a specific icon. You need to spend in-game currency to upgrade your weapon using these stations.
    Each upgrade increases the tier of your weapon.
  • When you reach Pack-a-Punch level two, you can advance your weapon to tier two. You could theoretically stay at level one, but moving up to level two is preferable for better enhancements and effectiveness.
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Level 1 Method

  • The initial time you visit any Pack-a-Punch station, it will always cost you 5K to upgrade your weapon to level one Pack-a-Punch.
    This cost remains the same regardless of the station’s location.
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Level 2 Method

  • To access level two Pack-a-Punch, you need to enter the tier two area and already possess level one Pack-a-Punch for your weapon.
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  • You can upgrade to Pack-a-Punch levels one and two at specific locations.
  • However, level two Pack-a-Punch is only available in specific areas such as the red area or higher tiers.
    It costs 10,000 to upgrade to level two.
  • Another way to upgrade directly to level two is by using refined Aetherium Crystals.
    These crystals can be crafted or found as rewards later in the game. They instantly upgrade your item to level two. Additionally, you can use raw Aetherium Crystals to directly upgrade to level one, saving you the initial 5,000 cost.
  • Remember, anywhere you can get to level one, to reach level two or higher, you need access to tier two or higher Pack-a-Punch stations.
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