How to Play Co-op on Fifa 23 Ultimate Team

This guide will tell you howHow to Play Co-op on Fifa 23 Ultimate Team. You have to follow all the instructions below to play it.

The first thing you will need to do is boot up your game, go to Play and select the Ultimate team menus. After that, click on the player’s icon on the left bottom of your screen and it will take you to the Co-op player lobby. Then you have to click on the teammate area and you will be able to invite your friends by searching their names.

If you don’t have your friend added to your friend list, then you need to go back and press the R2 button. It will take you to the social menu, you have to scroll to the right and select Player Search. You will find your EA ID on the right-hand side of your screen. You have to tell your friend to send his/her EA ID and search for it in the search column. After sending them the friend request, you need to ask them to accept it from the Friends request tab. Then go back to the invite friends page and then you will be able to invite them.

After adding your friend, you have the option to play Squad battle, divisional rivals, and the Friendlies. You can select this according to your choice. In case your friend is in division 2 and you are in division 8, it will cause no issue this really doesn’t matter you both can still play. But the most opportunities are in the division rivals as there is much more matchmaking. Match sometimes does take some time this is because people do turn off Co-op matchmaking.

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