How to Progress In LEGO Fortnite

In this guide, you will learn how to progress in Lego Fortnite. First, you need to upgrade your village and then optimize your in-game tools to enhance your gaming experience.

Upgrading Your Village

  • Village Hub is the main place where you can upgrade your village. Go to the menu screen and see if you have everything needed to upgrade.
  • You need to collect all the materials required to upgrade your village.
    When you reach a point where you need an item like Obsidian, and you don’t have it yet, that means your village is nearly at the same level as your exploration and equipment progress.
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Upgrading Your Tools

  • Your tools are essential for advancing. There are different levels like common, uncommon, rare, and more. Higher-level tools help gather more materials.
  • If you try using a low-level tool on a high-level material, it won’t work. So, upgrade your tools as you progress.
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  • It’s a bit tricky because you need one tool to unlock another. For instance, the forest axe needs bones and wooden rods, while the pickaxe requires Knotroot rods and bones.
  • You will get forest axe materials in the grasslands but need to go underground to caves for Knotroot.
  • Similarly, upgrade to higher tiers by taking tools to new areas for rare materials.
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  • To get the rare-tier tools, you need materials from a new area. The rare pickaxe needs flexwood rod and sand claws, while the rare forest axe needs cut amber and not the wood rod.
  • If you’re stuck, make sure you’ve built all the utilities and crafted at least one of each item, unlocking more recipes for you.
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