How to Remove Ice In Disney Dreamlight Valley

This guide will show you how to break the ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Once you get this quest, you just need to get Anna to level two and do a quest for her. After that, invite Elsa into the village, it is the first quest for Elsa.

So you need to get garlic, sugar cane, lemons, sunflowers, and a vial of ocean water.

Starting from garlic, it looks like this in the image. It’s only found in the forest of valor, you might have to be patient with this one. Bring a forager with you.

Then the lemons are found in lemon trees in the forest of valor. This is a lemon tree as in the image and there are more lemon trees in the glade of trust. Keep in mind that you can move these lemon trees around wherever you want.

Now the next two items are in dazzle beach, so you need to head over there and that’s where the vial of ocean water is. So next, you need to get some sugar cane from the sugar cane stall. You will find that it is for sale, you can buy the sugarcane seeds for five bucks. So buy at least two seeds.

Now just grow them like any other seed and you’ll get some sugar cane.

The sunflowers are also on the dazzle beach, so look throughout the dazzle beach, there are alot in this area. Once you find all these items, you have to go to Elsa and craft the potion.

Then bring it to Elsa and you will be able to break the ice because your pickaxe is enchanted. Enter the ice cavern and break that ice.

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