How to Solve the Golden Potato Secret Quest in Dreamlight Valley

This guide will let you know how to solve the Golden Potato secret quest in Dreamlight Valley.

First, you must ensure you have the golden potato and head to Merlin’s house. You will find a book with a potato and a Transfiguration Stone on Merlin’s table. It means you have to put your potato on a specific stone in the cave at Dazzle Beach.

Go inside the cave between the mining nodes and the stone pillars, head down below on the second level, and place the potato, and a golden carrot will pop out.

After that, make your head over to the cave in the forest of Valor, and you will find the stone on Elsa’s table. You must place the golden carrot there, and a golden crab will pop out.

Now you are halfway done with the quest; you need to go inside the dream light Castle and head upstairs. There will be another one sitting in the corner on the balcony, so place the crab inside, and a golden Thorn will pop out.

It reads that the night Thorn emanates weird magic, and it must be nearing completion. Afterwards, go back to Merlin’s house to place the golden Knight Thorn inside, and a golden potion will pop out.

You may also have a raging red potion due to the red potato quest line. You will have two more, with a total of four.