How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft

In order to tame a fox, first you need to find two foxes. It is good for you if they both are sleeping. You need to trap each fox and then connect them together by making a wall around them. Let both the adult foxes live in this little room and feed them there also. The foxes need to breed in order to create a tamed fox. 

If you don’t crouch when walking near them, they will wake up and panic. So you should make sure that the wall around them must be two blocks high so that they don’t escape. They will settle down after some time when you go away from this place. You need to feed them sweet berries. 

A baby fox will be created. And then you need to wait for the baby fox to grow up. The parent foxes will always be scared of you, but the baby fox won’t. But you need to wait until he becomes an adult. Feeding him sweet berries will help the baby grow faster. After this you should leave for some time and come back later. 

If the baby is still here, you need to wait for some more time.

If there are three adult foxes, then you can break the walls and you will have a tamed fox. Wait for the baby to become an adult fox.

Parent foxes will run away when you break the wall but the new adult fox will remain at her place, because she is a tamed fox now. 

Now you can move your tamed fox wherever you want with a lead.

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