How To Tame A Wild Horse In Red Dead Redemption 2

In this article you will get to know how to tame a wild horse. All you need to do is to tame your animal with patience because if you start to spook your animal he will run away and you have to start all this from the beginning. And from this, you can also get some others.

To tame a wild horse the very first thing you need to do is to find a herd of wild horses. Outside the Cumberland forest is a good place to find it. When you come down near the railroad tracks near the tunnel, usually during the middle of the day, you will find them.

After this you have to follow them with patience because it requires time. When you will get closer use your binoculars and find the animal that’s actually worth taming.

Once you pick your animal, you have to slowly follow them on your horse. You have to go slowly to that animal and after reaching near it, get off your horse.

When you approach the horse, you have to hold L2 and move really slow. If you start to spook the horse, press square to calm it. If you spook your animal too much he will start running and you will have to start this from the start. Controller plays a vital role in it. Sometimes when you stop moving, the controller keeps moving and you know it vibrates.

It will spook the horse if you keep going closer to him. Patience pays off on this. You have to keep your lasso equipped just in case you don’t accidentally pull your gun out and fire. Keep that in mind.

Once you get close enough where you will be able to pattern. Hit the square again. Give your animal a couple of pat’s.

After getting a chance, jump on his back and you have to use the left joystick to do the actions of the horse. If your animal will go forward you have to pull back and vice versa.

When you have the chance it’s square, eventually you will stop here and now you can call your horse. Start to build up a bond with your horse. Because if in any case, your main horse dies you have your backup animal. Just save your time to train your horse early. So spend time building a bond with your horse. Take him to the stables and then you have your backup animals.

And there you get your first tamed horse. Spend your time making a bond with him.

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