How To Tame Wild Horses – Black Desert Mobile

This brief guide will let you know how to tame wild horses in the Black Desert Mobile game.

There are several tips on how to tame wild horses.

A good horse with a high tier can give you various buffs. And that’s why horses are a very crucial part of your game.

Make sure you already have your CAMP built. A camp and a horse stable are mandatory. 

Level 2 stable can house up to 6 horses, so you might want to upgrade soon as possible. The most important items you need for horse taming are horse taming rope, and raw sugar. 

You can purchase them at pearl shops. But that will require some real money purchase. 

If you don’t want to use real money, then all you need is patience. Wait until you finally reach the quest at HEIDEL. 

Once you reach Heidel, find this NPC, Mellisa Brady because she sells livestock supplies. Just open the map, tap the list and tap her name for easy navigation. You can buy horse taming rope and raw sugar very cheaply from here, which is easier than using real money.

Next, where to find the wild horses? 

If you open the world map, it will show you the places you can visit. 

It is the SERENDIA chapter map, and if you tap the map info, you will find that this region has a wild horse capture area. 

And this is the area you want to visit to tame wild horses, so be sure to check other places’ info as we

Once you are in this area, open your map again and look for where the wild horses are roaming. This symbol means there will be wild horses there. 

If you don’t see any horses around, you can try other spots. 

Once you approach a wild horse, a rope sign will appear. Just tap on it, and the taming process will start. Throw the rope, and the probability of horse taming will appear. 

To increase your taming chance after you roped the horse. Get closer to it by moving the directional pad. And feed the horse with raw sugar. 

One raw sugar = 10 % chance increase.

If you are confident with your chance, let the rodeo begin! Use the up and down direction pad, and aim at the green line. 

If you are unlucky, the horse will slam you hard, but there are also chances to tame the horse very easily. 

On a successful taming, you will get to name the horse right away. 

Here is very smooth taming, by using 3 pcs of raw sugar. 

You can check the horses you have tame in the stable. The horse also gives quite nice buffs. 

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