How to Throw a Successful Gold Wedding in the Sims 4

This guide will let you know how to throw a successful Gold Wedding in The Sims 4. Go through the guide, and follow all the steps carefully to throw it. 

First, you need to be engaged with the person you need to marry, and then you can plan a marriage event for yourself. You have to use your game phone and select “Plan a Social Event”, as shown in the image below.  

You can also select any wedding arch and click on the plan Wedding Event option. From there, you have to choose the event for the wedding. If you have the winter season expansion pack, you have to cancel the holidays and wait for the next day if you want a gold wedding event. 

Throwing a wedding will cost you a thousand Simoleons and also you need two guests to throw a wedding ceremony. You will also need to hire a mixologist, musician and caterer to make your wedding more enjoyable. You can hold a wedding anywhere, but you must have a large space to add chairs for other Sims to sit on and watch your wedding. 

You will also need a kitchen for the caterer to prepare the wedding cake for you, as shown in the image below.  

If there is no kitchen, you can also buy the wedding cake or make it yourself. To make a cake, you need to choose the option to cook a cake, and then you will use your cooking skill to select white or strawberry cake. You can use the gourmet cooking skill to make a black and white cake, as shown in the image below. 

Once you have successfully made a cake, you need to select it to open a wheel access option. You have to click on the Add Wedding Toppers option on the cake, which will cost you 25 Simoleons. If you have a luxury party stuff pack, the banquet tables will give you the best way to serve your guests. 

You will also need a bar for the wedding, and when you have the bar, the mixologist will make drinks for you and your guests. You have to make sure to have a table for the wedding cake. If you want to hire a musician, you need to have a piano to play for the guests, as shown in the image below.  

If your wedding is outdoor, you need to make sure to have a bathroom for the Sims. When your wedding starts, you will see that you have a heap of event goals that will appear on the top left side of the screen. To marry, you need to press the wedding arch and then select the “Get married to” option, as shown in the image below. 

If you don’t have the wedding arch, you have to click on the Sim you want to marry with and click on the “get married to” option from the wheel access menu. As shown in the image below, this will make sims get married on the spot. 

You also need to complete the small wedding events, like thanking your guests for coming, which is an easy social way to perform under friendly interactions. You also need to have the betrothed flirt with each other three times as a couple to complete the small event, and you will also talk with the guests for two hours which you can complete by a few social interactions, as shown in the image below. 

The next task is to have the first slice of the cake and to do so, you first have to place a cake on the wedding table, and then you have to choose to cut it. You will also get a task to have three sims drink, and if you hire a mixologist, then you have to order a few drinks for guests, as shown in the image below. 

You will get home appliances when you finish the wedding day with a gold medal rating.

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