How to use Dragapult – Pokemon Unite

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about effectively utilizing Dragapult in Pokemon Unite. From mastering its skills to discovering invaluable tips and tricks, this guide covers it all.

Additionally, you’ll find recommendations for the best build and emblems to optimize Dragapult’s performance on the battlefield, ensuring you dominate matches with this powerful Pokemon.

Skills & abilties

The passive ability of Dragapult, “Clear Body” reduces the duration of debuff effects inflicted on him. The Astonish move slows the enemy down for two seconds while the Quick Attack allows him to dash forward and increase the basic attack speed by 40% for two seconds. When his basic attack bar fills up, he provides damage to all the Pokemon in one particular area.

Move sets

1. Phantom Force & Shadow Ball

Dragapult can become invisible by using the Phantom Force move and the movement speed will also increase by 30% for six seconds. You must keep a little distance from the enemies because of you get close, you will become visible in one second. Each kill increases his attacks by 10% and you can stack it up to 10 times. So you can skill ten enemies to simply double your attacks.

At level 11, the cooldown time of Phantom Force will decrease every half second whenever you use a basic attack. With the Shadow Ball move, Dragapult throws a shadow ball on the enemy and leaves a mark on them. After that, you use a basic attack to deal some extra damage. You ca also recover 15% HP from that particular enemy.

You can use your joystick to dash in any direction. At level 13, the damage of Shadow Ball increases even more. You first have to use Phantom Force to charge up the boosted bar and then throw a shadow ball on the enemy. Keep spamming the basic attack to counter the enemy. The basic attack speed will double up once you use Phantom Force. If enemy tires to approach you, then you can use the Shadow Ball to move backward. When you skill an enemy, the Phantom Force will reset and then you can use it again. You can also use unite move here to deal damage.

2. Dragon dance & Dragon Breath

You have to use your joystick to set the direction of the Dragon dance. Dragapult will move around the enemy for 3.5 seconds and deal damage. The basic attack speed will increase by 200% during this duration. If you knock out any enemy, its cooldown time will reset. Whenever you use Dragon Drance, the cooldown time of Dragon Breath will reset and you can use it again. With the Dragon Breath move, Dragapult pollutes the ground for three seconds and applies an effect to the Pokemon in that area. It will also charge up the boosted bar.

Dragon Breath deals a huge damage, and decrease the enemy’s movement speed by 30% for two seconds. At level, its damage increases even more and slows down the enemy by 45% for two seconds. You first have to use Dragon Breath, then Dragon Dance and when the bar fills up, use the Dragon Breath again. It will deal damage and slow the enemy down. After that use the Dragon Dance and basic attack. You can also use the Unite move at that moment. Keep spamming the basic attack to count the opponent.

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Unite Move

The Unite Move resets every ten seconds and its range is simple amazing. When an enemy tries to run away from you, then you can use the Unite Move to target him. It will deal damage according to enemy’s HP. It will automatically target two nearby enemies. This move increases 10% movement speed and 10% shield of max HP.

Battle Items

You can use X attack with Phantom Force. If you are using Dragon Dance, then you can go with X attack and Full Heal.

Build & emblem

The best build for Dragapult is a muscle and a rapid-fire scarf for charming charm. You can use this build for both move sets.

The HP and attack emblem works best for Dragapult. The six-white and six-brown color combination is the best one.

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