How to use Gyarados – Pokemon Unite

In this guide, you’ll learn how to effectively utilize Gyarados and maximize its potential in Pokemon Unite. From understanding its move sets to mastering strategic tips and tricks, this guide equips you with the knowledge needed to excel with this powerful Pokemon.

Additionally, you’ll discover the best methods to evolve Gyarados, ensuring it reaches its full strength on the battlefield.

Skills & abilities

Gyarados is a very powerful Pokemon with amazing attack speed. You can unlock all the moves of Gyarados at level 4. The passive ability of Magikarp called “Rattled” increases his movement speed whenever the enemy hits him. You can stack it up to five times.

It will also help to evolve him in Gyarados but you will need 10,000 effort points for this. You can gain these points by using auto, splash, and flail. But if you score 10 or more, then you will 1500 points as a reward. You must try to score 10 a few times to fully evolve your Pokemon.

Gyarados’s passive ability is called “Moxie” which gives him some additional stats and also increases the attack speed and HP. These stats last for the entire game. If you assist a kill, the cooldown of other moves decreases by 30%. The Dragon Breathe move increases the range of his basic attack by 5 seconds and also increases the attack speed by 60% after hitting the enemy.

It will even double the damage if you hit three enemies collectively. With the Aqua tail move, Gyarados throws water at the enemies five times and he will get a boosted attack after hitting three times out of five. You can hold the boosted attack for 1.5 seconds to deal a massive amount of damage.

There are two secondary moves of Gyarados; Waterfall and Bounce. With the Waterfall move, he makes three dashes. After the first dash, you must use the second dash in three seconds using your joystick. The third stuns the enemy for a half second. You can only use the Bounce move while standing in one place. It is unstoppable and none of the stun works on Bounce. At level 12, the shield effect of Bounce increases even more.


The first combination is Waterfall and Dragon Breath. If the enemy is far away from you, then you have to use Waterfall to get closer, then dragon breath and basic attack to deal damage. You must try to hit two or three enemies with dragon breath. If the enemy is near you, use dragon breath first and then use waterfall if he tries to run away.

The second best combination is Aqua Tail and Bounce. If the enemy is located near you, then you have to use Aqua Tail and when the enemy runs away, use Bounce to get closer to him. After that, kill him using the boosted attack. But if the enemy is away from you, then use the Bounce first to get closer and hit the enemy three times using the Aqua Tail. Use the boosted attack within 1.5 seconds to deal massive damage.

Cross Combos

The cross bombo; Dragon Breath and Bounce works best with Gyarados. First, use Dragon Breath on the enemy, then charge the Bounce a bit and stun the enemy to attack him with your basic attack. If the enemy is closer to you, then you can use Dragon Breath and directly hit him with basic attacks. If he tries to run away, use the Bounce to approach him again.

Now when it comes to Unite Move, you need to hold it to charge up the bars and then deal damage. The Unite move gives 30% movement speed, 20% shield of max HP, and 30% cooldown reduction.

Best build and emblem

You can go with Muscle Band vs Rapid-Fire Scarf if you are using the Dragon Breath move set.

The HP and attack emblem works best with this character. You can go for six white and six brown combo. If you need more attacks, then you can also use the attack emblem.