“Hunting Season” Trophy Guide – GTA 3

It’s a complete guide for the  “Hunting Season” trophy in Grand Theft Auto 3. It will provide you with everything you need to know about this trophy. 

It’s an extra accomplishment that you can unlock on your Rockstar Games Social Club Account.

You can use a sniper rifle, M16, or a Rocket launcher for this trophy.

After completing the mission arms shortage, you can buy the weapons you need at Phil Cassidy’s army surplus in Staunton Island.

Or you can collect 100 hidden packages to unlock all weapon pickups at your hideouts.

You have to find a building where cops and police cars can not get to you, for example, the roof of the liberty city sawmills in the south part of Portland.

You have to get a wanted level of three stars or higher and shoot down the helicopters.

It takes about one minute until another helicopter spawns.

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