KUR Controls – Controls Guide

KUR is an action survival game set on the Mars colony. You have to work your way through scrapyards, and abandoned industrial plants to find the cause of the robot invasion. You will also need to fight off flesh-hungry spiders and escape their web of death.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to KUR Controls.

ForwardW / Up ArrowPress W / Up Arrow to Move Forward
BackwardS / Down ArrowPress S / Down Arrow to Move Backward
LeftA / Left ArrowPress A / Left Arrow to Move Left
RightD / Right ArrowPress D / Right Arrow to Move Right
FireLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Fire
Boot KickRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Boot Kick
Cycle UpNonePress None to Cycle Up
Cycle DownNonePress None to Cycle Down
JumpSpacebarPress Spacebar to Jump
Interact / SubmitEPress E to Interact
CrouchCtrlPress Ctrl to Crouch
FlashlightFPress F to Flashlight
DashShiftPress Shift to Dash
ReloadRPress R to Reload
Pause MenuEscPress Esc to Pause Menu
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