Marvelous Snail Gift Codes (Updated)

Marvelous Snail is a puzzle game of exploration and evolution, in which players can evolve or morph their gameplay into six major forms. Collect evolution factors and upgrade your snail to defeat powerful enemies and collect collections. The players will have to confront powerful enemies in various places around the world.

Active Codes

6月最初のキーワードUse it to get 器官の粘液 ×10、殻用ペンキ ×20、黒おたま ×2333
強くなりたいUse it to get ブルー錬金試薬 ×20、グリーン錬金試薬 ×20、黒おたま ×6666
摩擦は火を起こすUse it to get グリーン錬金試薬 ×50
貴重品ちょうだいUse it to get ガチャ券×1、時間の宝箱 ×50、接着剤 ×10
運試しUse it to get ガチャ券×1、グリーン錬金試薬 ×50

How to Redeem Codes in Marvelous Snail?

To redeem the codes in Marvelous Snail, the players will need to tap on the gear icon in the top-right corner and then click on the “キーワード” button. After that, enter the code in the text box and collect the rewards.

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