Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Diamonds

This guide will find out ten things you didn’t know about Diamonds in Minecraft. 

Notch had considered changing the diamond ore texture to one much like the emerald ore.

The ore would still be blue, but the shape of the ore would change. The diamond tools are not the fastest in the game. Gold tools are quite a bit faster than diamond tools and have much lower durability. For example, it takes a diamond pickaxe 0.3 sec to mine stone, while it takes a gold pickaxe 0.2 sec.

As you might know, diamonds are naturally generated in chests.

You can find the chests in:

1) Desert temples

2) Jungle temples

3) Strongholds

4) Dungeons

5) Abandoned mineshafts

6) Villages

7) Nether fortresses 

8) End cities

9) End ships 

10) Igloos

You won’t find any diamonds in igloos, but you’re likely to get 2-7 diamonds in cities and ships.

There’s an achievement called “Diamonds to you!” 3, which requires you to throw a diamond at another player. The name is inspired by a YouTuber called bebopvox. 

When trading with villagers, you’ll sometimes see a blacksmith that wants to buy diamonds. It is one of the worst trades in the game as up to 4 diamonds have the value of a single emerald. 

So unless you don’t need diamonds for some reason, you don’t have to trade them. You can use the diamonds to create firework rockets. Adding a diamond to your firework star will give your rocket the ‘trail’ effect. Let’s watch it in action. First, a regular red explosion. Now with the added diamond. It looks good with bigger explosions but is pretty expensive. 

The diamonds come in the index version of Minecraft. In the beginning, they were referred to as emeralds. It suggests that the match considered adding emeralds before diamonds. 

In the Minecraft pocket edition, diamonds were once used to craft the ‘Nether reactor core” block. The block would build a nether reactor when activated, which gave you a lot of rare items.

You can repair your diamond tools, weapons, and armor with diamonds. It has to be done on an anvil and costs a bit of XP. The diamond restores the same durability no matter what you’re repairing. It isn’t worth repairing a shovel, but it might be worth it on a chest plate.

The diamond block has changed twice since it was first released. The texture originally had a solid weird-looking gradient. 

The texture changes to what it looks like today.

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