Nail Codes for Roblox Berry Avenue, Bloxburg

Roblox Bloxburg is a roleplaying and life-simulation game set in a fictional city. The players will be tasked to fulfil the mood of their character. Bloxburg also gives you the feature to interact with other characters. You can build your own house and buildings in the Build mode. Explore the whole city, and you will be mesmerised by the role-play elements of this game. You can also start working for money to earn a decent amount.

Roblox Bloxburg allows the players to customize their character. You can use the following codes to change the appearance of your nails.

ID CodesNameImageDescription
12408721032Strip nails with HeartsPlease Reload/Refresh this tab.
12408712451Pink Nails With HeartsPlease Reload/Refresh this tab.
12408717969Polka Dots NailsPlease Reload/Refresh this tab.