Gang Beasts


Published on: July 5, 2021
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Gang Beasts is a multiplayer party game developed by Boneloaf. Gang beasts is a uniquely boisterous party game featuring a simplistic yet modern gameplay, a wild fun narrative and fast paced action. Set in the fictional town of “Beef City”, the game contains more than eight multiplayer stages and features silly wobbly blobs engaging in melee fight sequences. The game modes include the Melee game mode, Gang game mode, a waves mode which lets you team up with your friends to take on AI opponents and even a football game mode. The game relies on using your physical abilities like kicking and punching to knock over your opponent and then trying to toss them over hazardous machinery like flaming incinerator pits and paths of moving trains.

The game also features a handful of customizations for your character including a couple inspired from Rick and Morty. After tweaking your character, you have to choose an arena to fight in. The options include subway, around a sausage dump, around an incinerator among others. You can then start the fight. The featured fights have no timer, so playing online involves a lot of running around and waiting out.

The game isn’t all about fighting, you are going to have to save your skin as well. The game features grab mechanics which in addition to aiding in combat, also let you hang on to life quite literally. When your opponents kicks you over an edge, its not game over as long as you clutch a wall or even a railing on your way out.

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