Tales of Lazo



Tales of Lazo is an adventure role playing game being released in 2019. The main character of the game is a small hero named Lazo and you will play the role of Lazo in this game. Lazo went on a mission to free his world from the monsters and evils. You will command the Lazo with the help of keywords and complete different levels of the game. There will be many traps set for you by your enemies, you have to overcome these traps and fight against the enemies.

Lazo has got great skills to fight with the enemies and he will earn skill points after hitting every enemy. Collect the collectible items that come on your way. Proceed the game by clicking on the question mark symbol that appears on your screen. You have to write a complete story about this adventure of Lazo. Tales of Lazo is a role playing game that is designed with pixel art graphics and you can play it on your Windows PC.

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