Protoball – Controls Guide

PROTOBALL is a new, action-packed game for Microsoft Windows that will challenge your skills and reflexes. In this game, you must try to score as many points as possible by shooting your opponent with an energy shield projectile or using it to deflect the ball and make a big play. Curve the ball, pass the ball, bounce the ball, and more.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Protoball.

JumpAPress A to Jump
AttackXPress X to Attack
TumbleBPress B to Tumble
InteractYPress Y to Interact
PSI Power 1RTPress RT to Use PSI Power 1
PSI Power 2RBPress RB to Use PSI Power 2
PSI Power 3LBPress LB to Use PSI Power 3
PSI Power 4LTPress LT to Use PSI Power 4
PSI Pop (Hold)D-Pad DownPress D-Pad Down to PSI Pop (Hold)
OttoShot Photo (Hold)D-Pad RightPress D-Pad Right to OttoShot Photo (Hold)
Thought Tuner (Hold)D-Pad LeftPress D-Pad Left to Thought Tuner (Hold)
Radial Power MenuD-Pad UpPress D-Pad Up to Open Radial Power Menu
Lock OnR3Press R3 to Use Lock On
Toggle UIL3Press L3 to Toggle UI
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