How to Find End Portal in Minecraft & Stronghold in Minecraft (PE/Bedrock/Java)

In this guide, you will learn how to find the End Portal in Minecraft & Stronghold Easily in Minecraft (PE/Bedrock/Java). 

To find the portal, you will need to have eye offenders and at least 12 of them. You can make them by using ender pearls and blaze powder so for blaze powders. One blaze rod will give you two blaze powders; you must kill blazers in the nether fortress to get the blaze rods. 

If you kill one, it will drop one blazer rod, and you can get two blaze powders using it. You have to kill enderman because they have high chances of dropping ender pearls, and also, you can trade with pickling for ender pearls. He will also drop interpols. After getting these items, you can make eye offenders. 

After that, you need to right-click on it, and it will show the direction where the end portal is located, so you need to keep going in the direction. While going, you can throw again and see in which direction it’s located and make sure you pick up each of them once they are dropped because you only have 12 of them. 

Once you get near them, you need to drop them, and they will go down, so they will not go up or show the direction. They will say the exact place where the importer is located.   Once you have spotted the place, you need to start digging. 

After digging some blocks on the ground, you will reach a portal room, as shown in the image below. 

The second method to find the end portal is you need to copy your seed and your coordinates. After that, you must open the “” website, enter your seed, and choose your version. Then you have to choose overworld, and here you need to use Strongholds and Biomes. After that, you need to enter the x-axis and z-axis that you have copied and then click on GO.

It will show you the direction where you are now, and now you can see which strongholds are near you. You can see the direction and travel or follow the coordinates.

You can use the third method if you have the cheats on. You have to press enter and type “locate stronghold, ” which will show you where it’s located. If you click again on it, it will teleport you there.  

To locate the stronghold room in that maze, if you are playing Minecraft 1.17 or below versions, you can use this glitch which will show you where is the end portal in the maze. You need to place a piston, which will show you which rooms are available and what is in it. 

If you see you can locate the end portal room easily, there’s another tip if you keep on traveling in this room, you will hear the sound of lava bursting. Once you hear it, if you follow that, you will be able to find the important room because lava will cause that sound.

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