Ragnarok X Next Generation Equipment Guide

This brief guide is all about the equipment in the Ragnarok X Next Generation game. 

ROX has four types of equipment which are white, blue, purple and yellow. 

White grade equipment:

You can get white grade equipment from the instance. They are easy to get and cheap if you want to buy them. But this equipment is not worth investing in the long run except the accessory. 

Some accessories are good to keep. To search the market to look for them. You can increase their tier, which means higher stats. But not all is worth upgrading. 

For level 25 equipment, you can access the upgrade system in prontera. For the higher tier, you will need previous tier equipment and also the smelt items. 

They are so cheap. If you are a casual player, you can do this. They are some excellent accessories to have, for example, martyr. 

Blue grade equipment:

The next is blue equipment, aka crafted equipment. It is the best equipment for F2P. 

Level 30 equipment is available in prontera, and we need to get materials from GTB and smelting. 

It is suggested to craft as soon as possible. Especially for weapons, they give a lot of bonuses. 

After that, craft your armour set; this set will make you a tankier for ET runs. 

Purple grade equipment:

There are two types of purple equipment; the first one is the Valkyrie set. You can access them in prontera, and you need a Valkyrie coin to exchange this set. 

It is the end game armour set, but it will take a while to craft and upgrade. Those p2w players are using this set in TW server, combo with yellow grade weapons and accessories. You can farm valkyrie coins for instance; keep on spamming the latest instance. 

For now, stick with blue equipment. This Valkyrie set is for the end game.

The 2nd purple ser is for PVP. You can get this from guild exchange NPC. Just stay away from this set unless you are a sultan. It is useful only in PVP. 

Yellow grade equipment

You can get them from MVP. They are the end game weapons and accessories. 

Keep in mind that everyone got the same chance to acquire this yellow equipment. 

It doesn’t matter if you are the first or last hitter. Just participate three times every day, so the summary is to use white grade equipment while slowly craft blue sets. 

You can use white grade accessories but craft blue accessories for the end game. 

For armour, craft the blue set as soon as you can. Keep saving valkyrie coins for its set. If you managed to get yellow grade equipment, sell them for real. You can get tons of diamonds, and then you don’t need to spend real money for a monthly battle pass.

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