Slap Shot Tips – NHL 22

This guide will teach you how to attempt a successful Slap Shot in NHL 2022

To attempt the slap shot, you will need to have some space around, and then you have to pull the right analog stick back. 

Then push up on the right analog stick and aim. You have to use the left analog stick and shoot; it would help do it fast because the defender will block you otherwise.

One-area slap shots are easy to score in the powerplay, so you have to take the right analog stick back and then right stick forward. And you have to use the left stick for aiming, as shown in the image below.   

You need to make sure when you want to do a slapshot, you need space, and you have to aim ideally in the direction. If you’re going to attempt a fake slap shot that will help you open the space. 

So you first have to pull the right stick analog back and then let go of everything, which will do a fake slap shot, and the defenders will clear some space for you; then you have to skate around and goal as shown in the image below.

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