Starsurge Rising Codes 2022

Starsurge Rising is a role playing game which was released in 2020. You can customize your characters with a variety of costumes. Form new alliances to counter the opposing forces and conquer all the area. Starsurge Rising also features the wedding party, you can have a wedding party and can customize your characters accordingly.  Starsurge Rising is featuring for free on Google play store and Apple app store. 

Starsurge Rising Active Codes

ius5cin744iaUse it to get the reward
SSRSEA019999Use it to get x1M Gold, x2 1.5x EXP Potion, x5 Alchemy Material Chest
SSRSEA059999Use it to get x3M Gold, x1 Lv.3 HP Gem, x1 Lv.3 ATK Gem
SSRSEA099999Use it to get x1 2x EXP Potion, x50 Skill Method, x30 HP Spar, x30 ATK Spar
SSRSEA199999Use it to get x200 B.Ingot, x1 Lv.4 Divine Servant Essence, x35 Great Power Pellet, x20 Divine Servant Rank-Up Pellet
SSRSEA399999Use it to get x50 Mount Rank-Up Pellet, x50 Spirit Rank-Up Pellet, x1 Lv.5 Devil Spiritual Fruit, x1 Purple EXP Glyph

How To Redeem Starsurge Rising Codes ?

Follow the steps below to redeem the codes in Starsurge Rising:

  1. Start the game and click the Benefit button located at the top of your screen. 
  2. And then tap the CDK exchange button.
  3. Input code in the text box and hit the Exchange button to get an instant reward. 

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