Super Doomspire – Tips & Tricks (Roblox) 

In this guide, you will learn the basics, tricks, and tips in Super Doom Spire. 

So one of the two things is lunge and cycle sword jump.

You will need to press space and left mouse click or double click in mid-air to cycle jump.

Here is a demo. Space + LMB(Left mouse click).

You can also use a double click in mid-air.

The next is going to be “Destroying towers quickly”. 

Method. 1. This is the highly recommend building to protect your spawns.

2. Adding ladders help get better aim for the enemy’s spawns.

You can also try to find any sneak peeks to shoot. And getting the tennis racket would help a lot for the rocket rally.

And now onto the “Tower Methods”. 

At each beginning of a round, the essential part is dismounting each enemy tower.

After dismounting each enemy tower, you will need to destroy the bottom. But before this, you have to place some bricks so when it falls, it slides.

And now, we will let you know how to kill the prayers easier. 

1: Always try to cycle jump, return to the back of the player lunge. Here is an example of what a good fight looks like.

So finally, it is about the bomb & Rocket trick. There are only 2 of them.

1. Bomb Super Jump.

2. Bomb + Rocket super jump

And rocket jump.

The Square bomb is perfect; it doesn’t roll around and is pretty useful.

The scope shot is terrific; it shoots 100 damage faster dealing with players.

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