Survival Mods & Add-Ons For Minecraft PE/Bedrock

This guide will find the top 10 survival mods and addons for Minecraft Pocket Edition and Bedrock

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    Ultimate Shield 

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    In this mod, you will get sixteen different types of shields, and the design of the shields is unique and attractive. Each shield has its ability; if you use a magma shield to kill a mob, you can kill with fire. And if you use a netherite shield on lava, you can easily survive because it is immune to fire. 

    Ore Sheep 

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    With this mod, you don’t need to mine to find ores because you can easily find all types of ore sheep that you can kill and collect ores. You can also breed the sheeps using wheat. Each sheep requires a specific item to shear, and some require a pickaxe, and others require a shovel to shear them, as shown in the image below.  

    Levels Storage 

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    It is a survival mod, and you can easily store your level and use it later in the game with this mod. There are two different block machines in this mod, so now you need to stand on a level drain block and see that your level will drain. You will gain your levels back if you stand on the level infuser block. You can easily craft these two blocks using Redstone and some other materials. 

    Badrock Timize 

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    This mod will make things easy for you because when you open your Minecraft settings, you will see that most of the settings options have been changed. You have three options for camera settings from the left top side of the settings menu, and you can also hide your HUD or your hand key choosing the options from the menu, as shown in the image below.

    Food Storage 

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    In this mod, you will get new plates and jars to store the food; the design of these items is very beautiful and attractive. You can add food, fish, and fruits to the plates, whereas in a glass jar, you can only add fruits and cookies. In the iron jar, you can add meat and fish only. To add an item to the jar, you first have to grab it, then tap on the jar, and you will see that the item will be added to the jar, as shown in the image below. 


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    In this mod, you will find sixteen different types of Exterminators, which can be used to save you from the mobs and animals of the game. The range for these exterminators is between ten to fifteen blocks, and if you place them in your world, then when the mob or animal comes closer to it, they will die on the spot. It is a survival-friendly mod. 


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    You will get a beautiful, fast submarine that you can drive underwater or above the water in this mod. You can drive this submarine in all directions across the ocean. 

    Ore Detector

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    You will get an ore scanner in this mod, and there are three different types of ore detectors. The level one ore detector can find one hundred blocks of deep ores, the level 2 detectors can find two hundred blocks deep ores, and level three can find two hundred and fifty blocks deep ores. It can scan three by three of the area, but if you select a single block, then you can only see five blocks area, as shown in the image below.  

    Chalk Addon 

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    In this mod, you can get different colorful arrows that will help you remember the path without using signs or item frames. So whenever you go for the mining, you can mark your way with chalk to not forget the path. You can use this chalk to write on the floor, and if you want to rotate the arrow, you have to click on it and change its direction. There are four different colors: red, green, yellow, and blue, as shown in the image below.  

    Lockable Chest 

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    You can lock your chest in this mod. To unlock it, you will require a special key card, and if you don’t want to unlock it with the key, you can also set a player recognition function in which only you can open the chest. If you want to unlock the chest, you have to use the same color key that matches the chest’s color. You can easily break the chest with the lock breaker if it’s unlocked. 

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