Swordsman Guide – Ragnarok X Next Generation

You can finish your dailies fast and can clear GTB instance easier due to your high damages. Do take note that you will get a free loadout once you change to 2nd class.

You don’t have to worry about resetting, as you will also get free resets later. 

This guide will provide you with the Rangnarok X Next Generation Swordsman build. Using full STR would help swordsman; there’s no need to spend points into agi or dex. 

Unless you are taner, you can go to full VIT.

For skill, you will need to get the bash first and magnum break for easy life grinding. Magnum break turns your weapon into the fire, so don’t use it against fire or water enemies. 

GTB boss is a fire element, so don’t use it when fighting it, or your damages will be lowered. 

After that battle, it will increase your whole damage. A must passive to have. 

Only get sword mastery if you are using a sword. And don’t take this if you use a spear. 

You can get a fatal blow if you want to PVP.  You can spend the rest on the knight. No need to spend 50 points for a swordsman. 

If you are a tanker, get provoked and endure. Endure will give more defense. 

For equipment, you can use white equipment from the GTB instance. 

You can slowly craft the blue equipment but don’t focus on it for now. 

So it would help if you decide now. White or blue equipment, upgrade materials are hard to get. 

You should stick to one build. And pick between 3 types of weapons because of the shadow weapons at level 40. 

Shadow weapon has a quest to complete. If you change it, you will lose your progress. 

For accessories and talismans, get the ones that give haste attributes for faster skill cool down. If you plan to use knight CRIT. spear users need haste; you have to save ASDP types

Same with talismans, you can transfer, refine and upgrade as long as they are the same grade. Focus on upgrading for the weapon first, talisman, accessories, then armor for last.

It is recommended to spend your stamina on mining and fishing.

But there is an ongoing event right now that may force you to do gardening as well. 

So do your daily fishing, finish this event and spend the rest on mining. You will also need stones to upgrade until it forces you to smelt items for further upgrades.  

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