Top Action Games To Play (Hidden Gems)

Action games are one of the most popular games on any platform. Thousands of action games are published on daily basis, so sometimes some excellent games goes through under the radar, and they don’t get the appreciation from the users that they deserve, that is why we have created this list specifically to target those games, hopefully these games will keep you busy for the whole year.

Game NamePlatformPriceLinks
Reflex Unit 2PlaystoreFree
Dragon KombatPlaystoreFree
Killer DronePlaystoreFree
Curling BuddiesPlaystoreFree
World Of EnderPlaystore$1.99
Helicopter Gunship 3DPlaystoreFree
Archaic: Tank WarfarePlaystoreFree
Autisarian RunPlaystore $0.99
Fight For Glory 3D Combat ProPlaystore$0.99
Knight BrawlPlaystoreFree
Zombie’s Got a PogoPlaystoreFree
MilkChoco PlaystoreFree
Sniper WarriorPlaystoreFree
Far Galaxy InvadersPlaystoreFree
Wrestling Revolution ChampionsPlaystoreFree
Lethal Sniper 3DPlaystoreFree
Brother SquadPlaystoreFree
Horror escapePlaystore$1.99
Chicken TournamentPlaystore$2.00
Zombie AirPlaystore$0.99
Guys ScooterPlaystoreFree
Cattle Royale!PlaystoreFree
Aimbow ReloadedPlaystore$0.99
VR HorrorPlaystoreFree
Horror Hospital® 3PlaystoreFree
Ghost AttackPlaystore$0.99
Beany Biker – Hill Climber PlaystoreFree

Reflex Unit 2

The year is 2039 and the planet has recovered after the events of Reflex Unit 1. Life seems safe, until a new larger army of remote control drones suddenly attacks strategic cities around the globe.

Dragon Kombat

Experience over-the-top arcade fighting of Dragon Kombat! We bring the power of arcade fight game to mobile device with similar controls and actions. Super elite warriors of Dragon Kombat have great fighting styles which will be helpful to beat Rakshaz!

Killer Drone

This is the first game ever to use real live scenarios instead of graphics. It is a real simulation in real life which gives the full experience of a future sniper or hitman role. You will use the drone in real life missions to stop criminals from obtaining weapons and to dismantle their organization.

Curling Buddies

Put your finger on your character, drag your finger forward and aim at the target, the farther you drag, the more speed you get. Sounds easy? It’s not! You have to make sure to get the perfect glide, so max speed is not always a winning concept!

World Of Ender

Psycho Girl, Hacker and Little Square Face battle in the world of Ender. Fight the mobs and creatures and try to stay alive in a fun packed survival game. Advance in the 7 level worlds of Enderville, Ender PLaza, HoHo Village, Redne Mines, Elevator Power and Ender Realm. Keep your highest ranking score and try to beat it.


Choose your favorite war plane, from a propeller plane to a bomber, an helicopter or the last fighters and finish with all enemies to clean the area.

Helicopter Simulator 3D Gunship Battle Air Attack

VTOL aircraft Rivals forces are threatening to invade the country from the sea and take over the shoreline. Warships fleet and cobra helicopters are getting closer and closer to land, putting the nation into real danger of apache combat strikes

Archaic: Tank Warfare

Archaic: Tank Warfare is a World War 2 tank battle simulation game with realistic 3D graphics and advanced physics.
Experience challenging open field tank battle action with fluid and precise controls and difficult enemies.

Autisarian Run

Autisarian Run is an endless 3D runner game, it was created by an autistic boy who accidentally found the ability to write complex code from memory. He uses his game to block out the negative effects of autism. 

Fight For Glory 3D Combat Pro

Engage in gruesome combats with various fighters to win your way back to glory in this ultimate fighting game. Enjoy different punch, kick, dodge, and special power moves. Unlock achievements and compete with your friends for high scores. This fighting game has amazing 3D graphics and high-quality music and sound effects.

Knight Brawl

Battle opponents on Castle Roofs, Pirate Ships and 2 other locations. Take part in mass brawls, fight one vs one or carry out missions for your manager. The main goal is earning those gold coins so you can buy a nice new Helmet or a glorious Golden Axe.

Zombie’s Got a Pogo

The goal of this game is simple – avoid accidents as you try to reach farther than other zombie ragdolls on each new round! It’s an endless jumping game with bone crunching ragdoll physics set in a fun but dangerous world! Bounce your way to the top of the leaderboards and follow the trail of brains and tune up your zombie mannequin with collectible items and accessories!


Using various heroes with different abilities, you can play various roles in battlefields such as ‘Assault’, ‘Deathmatch’, ‘Escort’ and ETC. Each hero can be raised individually, they also have own ‘ranking’, ‘weapons’ and ‘skill’.

Sniper Warrior

Best sniper shooter game as a elite killer Game. In one line the best Sniper Shooter moh warfighter, Aim down Game. In this sniper gang apparel game as a secret agent you have to finish the missions as a world’s top sniper striper. You can shoot multiple targets in different missions with accurate shooting practices and play sniper games 2020.

Far Galaxy Invaders

Enter into your spaceship, upgrade your weapons and shields, shoot all the enemies and enjoy the battle. Explosions, lasers, huge bosses and a lot of enemy ships are waiting for you.

Wrestling Revolution Champions

Enter yourself into the most dangerous world of fighting. Lets be ready to start your wrestling championship for the up coming fighting tournament . Defeat all the world class champions with face to face fight and jump fiercely into the ring like legend wrestler. Attack like a super star fighting champion and enjoy freestyle ring wrestling.

Lethal Sniper 3D

Lethal Sniper features a fast paced sniper gameplay with tactical and elimination missions. You are the sniper on his way to glory. You will train and improve. You will get better equipment. You will learn to shoot and hit in the wind. You will hone your sniper skills to pinpoint accuracy.

Brother Squad

Choose your commando or mercenaries trying to finish their mission to save the world, then go home and take a well-deserved nap.

Horror escape

Horror scary 3D game, playing a detective role to escape the mansion, find clues and investigate. Keep the lights on as the time runs out and monsters attack. Your in a role of a detective that is trying to find a lost girl. Explore an old estates front yard, back garden, interior and dungeon in order to figure out the mystery and locate the girl. 

Chicken Tournament

CT is a classic first person shooter for Android, about the ancient and everlasting conflict between chicken and farmer. The farmer can choose between one of four weapons: harvester, garden claw, plasma cannon and golf club. Beware of chicken that throw eggs at you.

Zombie Air

Zombies are back again.. get ready and kill them. Enjoy playing without ads! Have fun

Guys Scooter

Race and “do not crash” your electric scooter through fun levels. Try to driving your scooter and try to pass all obstacles: control the scooter through levels filled with ramps, rails, pipes, beams, bridges, barrels, fire, planes, birds, bike, bicycle wheels, mountains, fire, wash …

Cattle Royale!

Eat everything: Flowers, fences, pigs, trees, cars, houses and other cows as well! Collect power-ups, knock down other cows with milk gun, beware incoming sand storm and remember that you can only eat smaller cows. Be the last cow standing!

Aimbow Reloaded

Tap the zombie enemies to shoot arrows and prevent them from reaching your fort.

VR Horror

It is a sinister roller coaster ride through the dark scary horror asylum. Try to find keys and weapons or tools to succeed the mental hospital residence. Better be prepared for jumpscares, screams and puzzles, the evil is resident in these halls!

Horror Hospital® 3

Third series of Horror Hospital continues with paranormal activities. Deserted road in the middle of the night. Walter and Melissa are riding their motorcycle. Suddenly, they see ghost right in front of them and they fell off. Melissa is injured and they need to get the motorcycle fixed. They had an accident in deserted, uncharted town…

Ghost Attack

The Ghost Attack is an endless game where you have to defend your castle from a sheet ghost ship … you guessed it … ghosts!

Beany Biker – Hill Climber

Meet Beany, our pro biker dummy ready for any bike riding challenge! The most tenuous hills awaits you for the ultimate ride of your life in this death defying hill climb game where a smooth ride is a long way from your dreams! Climb higher and go farther with awesome Physics based gameplay, challenging hill slopes and breath-taking stunts.

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