Tips & Tricks | One Punch Man Destiny/A Hero’s Destiny

In this guide, you will get all the necessary tips and tricks to use in One Punch Man Destiny/A hero’s Destiny. 

  • The first trick helps a lot trying to invite the people to a party. For inviting people, you only need to type the first three letters of their name. It will save you a bunch of time and grind faster, so, anyways hope this helps speed things up!
  • This one is not a tip or trick, but it’s very useful information. First of all, you need to know what a boost is. A boost is someone helping you boost your stats higher, for example, baiting a boss for someone and killing it after doing damage to the boss (10% damage).

           Next, you will need to know about the boss’s short-forms. 

           Psykos = kos/psy 

           Charnako = Char

           Gouketsu = Gou

           Mosquito Girl = Mosq

           Phoenix = phx (may also refer to class)

           Crablante = crab

           Those are pretty much all the terms.

  • The next tip is about fighting the Saitam (if you don’t have phoenix). When you are at high hp (100- 20%), you can use the alien eye (tank him as well to get more hits).

But when you only have 20% of your hp left, you will need to switch to stinger quickly.  

Now with a stinger, quickly damage Saitam so you heal back your hp. Then after your hp is full (or close), quickly switch back to the alien eye again. This little trick should help you get a bit more level or str Saitam, hopefully. 

  • Now let’s move onto the next tip and trick. It involves two game passes. These two game passes are the most expensive ones. Kings luck and infinite spins. Most people only get one of them since they are both expensive.
    If you plan to get one of these, you should always get kings’ luck over infinite spins. Getting better luck is way more worth it than spins, and it’s cheaper. Along with King’s luck, you should get insta spins. It’s cheap and saves a ton of time as well (around half time). 
  • It isn’t a trick either, but slime is more helpful information. Meteor’s give the same amount of exp as damage. So if you deal 100 damage, you will get 100 exp (only if it’s destroyed). There are also two types of meteor. A normal meteor and simple meteor.
    Meteor’s drop every 30 minutes (if not destroyed before it lands, everyone dies). The normal meteor has 10mil hp and the super meteor has 300mil hp. For a super meteor to spawn, the server’s total level must be over 25k. And for a normal meteor they will drop regardless of level.
  • The final tip is probably the most important one. This tip is not to BEG. The more you beg, the lower the chance people will help you. So it’s better off not begging, maybe kindly ask one, but that’s it.  
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