Target Practice Treasure Hunt Guide – Far Cry New Dawn

In this guide, you will get to know how to complete the Target Practice Treasure Hunt in Far Cry New Dawn. You have to follow the guide, and you will be able to know the underground location of the Target Practice Treasure Hunt. 

You can complete the Target Practice Treasure Hunt in the Far Cry New Dawn very easily in no time. You can find it in The Refinery; you may find it in other locations on the map.

Once you reach the location, you have to find the secret electric machine which is hidden underground. There you will have a shed and a blue zip line near the house. You can see the location in the image below. 

By following the blue zip line, you will get to a few caution signs and a hole in the ground.

After getting down through the hole, you need to follow the left path. After crossing the wooden stairs, you will find a big machine there, activate it. You will find a switch there, and by turning it on, you need to shoot the targets.

At first, hit the target behind the wheel; it is recommended to use the shotgun to shoot the targets. So shoot the target through the broken wheel with the shotgun. 

Further, come to the right side and aim at the targets, which you can see in the image below.

The left side of the lock will be open after taking the targets down. Now on the right side, new targets will appear, and you will need to shoot them. Take them down to open the stash, and you will be able to get the items.

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