The Best Performing Kits – Roblox Bed Wars

Roblox Bed Wars is an insanely fun game to play with your friends. The game pits two teams against one another, competing to destroy the other team’s bed so the opposing team can’t respawn. Various Kits are available in the game, bought from the Avatar Shop or unlocked by completing specific objectives. This mini-guide will examine the top-performing kits and outline specific benefits each kit provides. Without further ado, let’s jump in.

Grim Reaper

The ideal kit for ultra-aggressive players or players who don’t shy away from fighting in close quarters. The Grim Reaper kit allows players to consume the souls of deceased players for special benefits. After killing an enemy or gaining an assist, deceased players will drop a soul orb that can be consumed from afar.

The Soul Orb gives the Grim Reaper 26 Health, increases their movement speed by 40%, and makes them invulnerable for 2.5 seconds. It’s ideal for those players who like to fight up close and focus on their offensive capabilities.

Players using the Grim Reaper Kit cannot attack enemies and break blocks while consuming the soul. The soul orb gives 1-2 HP every 0.035 seconds while absorbing it.


Compared to the Grim Reaper kit, the Archer kit is for competitive players who prefer to fight at a distance. The Archer Kit offers a unique benefit for players using ranged weapons. It deals 15% more damage with projectile weapons such as bows and arrows.

Unlocking the Archer Kit for 399, Robux allows players to purchase the special Tactical Crossbow, exclusive to the Archer kit.

It can be purchased for eight Emeralds from the Item Shop. The special Tactical Crossbow is superior in range and damage dealt compared to the regular Crossbow. The Archer is the best kit for players who like to attack from a distance and build tall blocks for good vantage points.


A tank-based build; the Eldertree kit allows players to increase their physical size and max HP. It’s an ideal kit for players preparing for the game’s later stages. Players using this kit will notice Tree orbs spawning around the map. Collecting these orbs will increase the player’s physical size and max HP.

The Eldertree kit has one serious disadvantage. Players can’t wear armour, making it difficult in the game’s early stages. After collecting several Tree orbs, the players won’t need armour as their max HP will also increase.

The Eldertree kit is available from the Avatar Shop for 399 Robux. Players looking to surprise or intimidate opponents should opt for this kit. Be wary, as players can’t buy or equip armour while wearing this skin. An excellent defensive kit for when playing in large groups.


A support-based kit, Melody has one of the coolest-looking skins in the game. The Rockstar Melody Skin is impressive, with a golden guitar and fire horns. A support-based kit, Melody offers regenerative capabilities and heals nearby teammates. It’s an essential kit to have in Duo and Squad mode.

Melody heals nearby teammates with her guitar, which can be purchased from the Item Shop for 20 Iron Bars. It’s an appropriate kit for fresh players and newbies who want to help their team without engaging in combat.

The guitar will heal an ally for 22 HP if they are within a 20-block radius. The user will also be healed for 20% of the health replenished. The guitar has a 2.3 seconds cooldown. The Melody kit can be purchased from the Avatar Store for 399 Robux.


A close-combat kit, the Barbarian is a powerful offensive kit. It grants the ability of a Rage meter filled by attacking opponents. Once the Rage Meter is filled, your sword will be upgraded. Players equipping this kit cannot purchase swords from the item shop. Instead, they must upgrade their swords by filling up the rage meter.

To increase the rage meter, the player must attack opponents. The top tier of the rage meter gives you the Rageblade, which deals 70 damage and is the most powerful sword in the game. The Rageblade is the third most powerful melee weapon in the game.

The Barbarian kit is based on constant battles and free sword upgrades. The perfect build for players who like to get up and close to hurt opponents. It can be bought from the Avatar Store for 399 Robux.


One of the more unique kits, the Trinity kit, allows players to transform into a Void Angel or a Light Angel. This transformation occurs after three kills. The Light Angel will heal nearby teammates by 36% of the damage the player dealt in an attack. Teammates will only be healed if they’re near the enemy that Trinity damaged.

On the other hand, the Void Angel will heal the user by 16% of the damage the player dealt in an attack. Players can choose between Light and Dark angels, depending on the scenario and the composition of their team.

The Trinity Kit is free and can be acquired from the game’s Inventory. It’s a useful kit usually donned by the team’s most experienced and proficient player.


The Vulcan kit allows players to place and control Camera Turrets across the map. These turrets shoot out projectiles that deal 12 damage and inflict considerable knockback. The Camera Turrets are operated by a tablet with which Vulcan Kits are spawned.

The turrets work best as a defensive measure, protecting the team’s base and bed. Camera turrets are purchased from the NPC shop for One Emerald each. The tablet allows Vulcans to toggle through multiple turrets and fire when necessary.

The Vulcan is a great defensive kit and allows for defensive countermeasures whenever opponents break into the team’s base. The Vulcan is available in two other impressive skins and for purchase for 399 Robux at the Avatar Store.


One of the fun kits, The Baker kit, allows players to buy Speed piesGolden apples, and Health apples. It’s a support-based kit that allows teams access to items that increase their chances of winning. Alongside the Fisher Kit, the Baker Kit provides maximum XP in the game.

Players with the Baker Kit can buy Health Apples from the Item Shop for 40 Iron bars. Health Apples restore 18 Health, and 4 of these can be held at a time.

They can also purchase Speed pies for three Emeralds each. Speed pies grant a 24% speed boost for 2.5 minutes.

Lastly, Golden Apples can also be bought with this kit for seven emeralds. Golden Apples restore 40 health and regenerate the player’s health by 10 for 14 seconds in addition to damage reduction from future attacks. The Baker kit is the best choice for a Healer Build.

Farmer Cletus

Farmer Cletus is a useful kit in this game as it allows for the growing and harvesting of valuable resources. All players can buy seeds, but only Farmer Cletus can harvest the crops. There are three primary seeds; Melon SeedsCarrot Seeds, and Pumpkin Seeds. Melons, when harvested, produce 1 Emerald. Carrots give out 1 Diamond, and Pumpkin provides Jack’O Boom.

Seeds can be bought from the Item shop and cost 3 emeralds for Melon seeds, 60 Iron Bars for Carrot seeds, and 1 Emerald for Pumpkin seeds. It takes 90 seconds for carrots to grow, 60 seconds for melons, and 30 seconds for pumpkins to grow. The initial seed cost is the only resource needed to grow the crops.

Farmer Cletus is advantageous for teams featuring large maps and numerous players. Harvesting these valuable resources is crucial to a team’s success in the match.


The Pyro Kit is for those seeking an upper hand during combat. Players with the Pyro kit can buy the Flamethrower from the Item Shop for three Emeralds. The Flamethrower allows players to burn enemies, damaging them and making them vulnerable.

Burned enemies take an extra 30 damage with 20% armor penetration whenever damaged. Burned enemies can be identified by a small orange fire above their heads. What’s more, players can upgrade their Flamethrower as well. Burned enemies will drop 1 Ember upon death.

Collecting these Embers will upgrade the Flamethrower, and it has 3-tier upgrades. The final tier requires 22 Embers and upgrades the flamethrower abilities, such as pushing enemies, armor penetration, and burning flammable blocks.

The Pyro Kit is automatically unlocked after reaching Level 50 in the Season 1 Battle Pass. The Pyro kit works ideally in Duo and Squad mode, helping your teammates weaken the enemy’s defences.


The Beekeeper Beatrix kit is another support kit. It is unlocked after reaching Level 20 in the Season 1 Battle Pass. As the name suggests, the Beekeeper is spawned with a Bee Net and is used to catch Bees around the map. Bees spawn naturally around the map and can be caught and put in a Bee Hive.

Players equipped with Beekeeper Kit can purchase Bee Hives from the Item Shop. Bee hives drop Iron bars in intervals. Putting 4+ bees in the Bee Hive gives us Diamonds, while 6+ bees give us Emeralds.

Getting valuable resources is the main function and benefit of the Beekeeper Kit. Players playing in large groups should equip a Beekeeper kit so Diamonds and Emeralds can be acquired.


The Lassy kit allows players to wrangle their opponents with a Lasso. Players with a Lassy kit can purchase the Lasso from the Item Shop for 30 Iron bars. The Lasso is a very useful tool, allowing it to be thrown up to 23 blocks away.

It can pull enemies closer, throw them off the map and even make them fall from falling. Moreover, the Lasso renders Jade, Void Regent, Yuzi, Hannag bad Evelynn kits unable to dash or teleport for 7 seconds. The Lasso has a cooldown period of 10 seconds.

The Lassy Kit has an alternative skin, the Mummy Skin, which is fun and exciting to play with. The Lassy Kit is available from the Avatar Shop for 399 Robux.