The Ultimate Guide To Apeirophobia (Roblox)

This guide will explain how to accomplish Apeirophobia by explaining each chapter in detail. These chapters include basics, levels, entities, game passes, titles, and modes. You must follow each point in this ultimate guide to conveniently complete Apeirophobia.

The Basics

First, you need to join the game, and you will be embraced with many rooms that can be joined. There are a few tabs to the left, such as the Titles tab, which shows all the visible titles. Once you join a lobby, the Shop tab will show all the accessible game passes for buying; the Backpack tab enables you to equip your game passes. The About tab demonstrates all the credits to the founders and developers, and lastly, the Settings tab allows you audio settings that can be enabled or disabled.

The Levels

You will have five lives to escape the back rooms while moving around, along with eleven levels. The first one is level zero, named the lobby. It is the basic backroom level with an entity of two.

Level one is the pool room level, and it contains a puzzle that includes turning the valves to unlock the gate, and it has one entity.

Level two is the windows containing two famous liminal space images, and it has zero entities.

Level three is an abandoned office with a puzzle that makes you collect three keys in drawers to open the huge gate while avoiding the entity which knows your location by sound. Once you go from the big gate, you must click all the buttons in the rooms to escape to the next level through the door, and this level has one entity.

Level four is known as the sewers, and you must explore a maze-like area with pools, and it has zero entities.

The next level is the cave system; you need to find your way around the claustrophobic caves with a skinwalker following you everywhere. You must follow the sound and find the purple-looking portal to escape this level. This level has one entity.

The next level is named the level-exclamation mark; you need to run down the hallways avoiding obstacles along with an entity chasing you. Keep running until you find a door that will cause a cutscene into the next level, and it has one entity.

Level seven, also known as the end, contains a puzzle; you need to enter the passcode from the computer screen into a keypad, enter the room and move your way across the skinny mazes and vents. Go out and find a book that contains a bunch of numbers, and try them all on a keypad until you get the correct one taking you to another room. Now type ‘Y’ on that computer, which will lead you to the next level, and this level has zero entities.

Level eight is called the lights out, and it is magnificent dark; you will require a flashlight to make your way to find the green light. Then turn right and go to the end, but you need to be careful as a skin stealer hidden around.

Level nine is named sublimity, and it is a pool-themed level. You must find the slides and review them to proceed to the next level. This level has zero entities.

Level ten is also known as the abyss, where you must find the keys hanging off the lockers across the map. Head to the corners, and open the doors until you find the suitable one. However, you need to watch out for two giant entities and avoid them from attacking you. After accomplishing the entire level, you will receive a cutscene showing the next level.

The Entities

There are nine entities throughout the game, except the scare smileys. There are two entities in level zero.

Level one has one entity known as the starfish.

Level three has the entity which crips on four legs and may hear you only by sound.

Level five has a skinwalker. Once it destroys you, one of your friends will turn into that person’s avatar.

Level six has the entity that follows you down the hallways.

Level eight has the fast skin stealer, which moves stealthily in the dark.

Level ten has two entities that chase you if you are encountered.

The Game Passes

There is a total of six-game passes; first, you have the advanced cameras to improve the quality of the camera and zoom in longer. It has night vision mode, which is good for level eight. Next is the advanced flashlight; it has a longer range, brighter light, and a bigger radius. The third is metal lungs, which enhance your stamina lasting longer, giving you two times the stamina, regenerating your stamina faster. The fourth is the Olympic runner, which gives you a faster running distance. The fifth pass is the sixth sense allowing you to sense surrounding heartbeats. The sixth game pass is the extra lives which award you an extra five lives making a total of ten lives.

The Titles

There are nine titles in the game. You need to join the monochrome studios roblox group to get the supporter title, with an additional 1.3 times stamina buff. The Chrono title is obtained by attaining the pre-alpha ending badge. To get the real title, you must have the reality badge by accessing all the reality cores. The developer of the game achieves the influence title. The purgatory badge is received by comprehending the game in nightmare mode. The bait noir title is unachievable and may be coming in the afterward update. The breakthrough badge is awarded once you hit a world record. The developer badge is provided to the game developers, and similarly, the tester title is given to the tester of the game.

The modes

The game has four modes easy, normal, hard, and nightmare. All of them are inclined based on difficulty per mode; however, in the nightmare mode, you will only have one life on top of all the more powerful entities.