Tips & Tricks – Roblox Food Magnet Simulator

This guide will show you the easiest and fastest way to progress in the Food Magnet Simulator game. It will be a beginner guide that helps you when you first start the game.

So, when you first start, every piece of food is equal to one coin. As soon as you start the game, it is recommended to save up to 350 coins.

Go and sell it until you hit 350 coins. 

The reason you want 350 coins is to get the super range; it will help you out a lot just starting the game. 

You can already see how much more food you can pick up. 

The next thing that you should do is buy an egg. 

Once you get the range, you need to buy the tier 1 egg to hatch a pet. 

After equipping the egg, you need to pick up a certain amount of food for the egg to hatch. 

You can use the code ROBLEROM for a free pet; the pet you get from this code is perfect. 

The egg is hatched; now, you have two pets to maximize the coins and gems you make.

Now that you have pets, the main priority will be to rebirth.

It is how you get gems to unlock new areas and new upgrades to help progress. 

After your first rebirth, you will need to buy the x2 speed; it will help you rebirth faster so you can get gems faster. 

Since there is an x2 gems event right now, you will get more gems from rebirthing, but whatever gems you get, use them to buy all the upgrades. 

For the next few minutes, it is suggested to rebirth a bunch of times and farming gems.

Once you get 10k, you can buy the +1 pet slot before anything else. Once you do that, you have to buy an egg right away.

If you have enough, buy the next area, but it does not do much; getting all the upgrades is more important. Unlock all the pet slots first so that you can get a pet boost. 

Now that you have all five pet slots filled, you can get all the other upgrades. In just two minutes of rebirthing, you can fully upgrade all the upgrade options.

Once all upgrades are completed, you can unlock the next areas and continue to hatch better pets. 

You have to hatch eggs and unlock new areas from now on, but if you follow all the steps above, you will progress when you first start. 

In less than 20 minutes, you will be able to unlock half the areas and have max upgrades.

If you do these tips when you are just starting a food magnet simulator, you will have a good advantage over everyone else. 

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